SIMPLIS Flip-Flops

SIMPLIS has built-in models for the four common edge-triggered Flip-Flops:

  • D-type
  • S/R
  • J/K
  • Toggle

All Flip-Flop models can be triggered on the rising or falling edge of the clock. Set and reset functionality is offered on each Flip-Flop with parameters to define the set and reset events as synchronous or asynchronous to the clock. Additionally, the set/reset levels can be logic high or logic low, based on the set/reset level parameter.

All Flip-Flops have the ability to use a ground ref pin, which is required whenever a digital device is connected to an analog component. For more information,see When is Ground Ref Required?

Flip-Flop symbols are generated automatically when the device parameters are edited. These symbols are drawn with bubbled inputs for active-low, set/reset inputs. The trigger condition is indicated on the symbol as a rising or falling edge clock. For asynchronous set/reset symbols, an "A" is drawn next to the set/reset pins; however, a synchronous set/reset symbol has no annotation.

Individual Flip-Flop documentation is provided for these model types: