DefineIdealTxDialog Function

Opens a dialog box to define an ideal transformer.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 real array Yes Inductance factor, coupling factors, number of windings
2 real array Yes Number of turns for primary windings
3 real array Yes Number of turns for secondary windings
4 string No options

Argument 1

Real array of size 6. Function of each element is described below:
0 Inductance factor, AL. L = AL * N*N
1 Coupling factor primary to primary
2 Coupling factor secondary to secondary
3 Coupling factor primary to secondary
4 Number of primaries
5 Number of secondaries

Argument 2

Real array of values representing the number of turns for each primary winding.

Argument 3

Real array of values representing the number of turns for each secondary winding.

Argument 4

If set to 'nonind', the box design will that used for non-inductive transformers. These do not show inductance related parameters.


Return type: real array

The function returns, the settings selected by the user in a single real array with the same format as the three arguments concatenated together. If the user selects Cancel the function returns an empty vector.


The dialog box design has changed significantly with version 8.20 compared to earlier versions. Functionally it is compatible if the number of turns in primary 1 is kept at 1. The earlier designs returned turns ratios and no facility was provided to set the number of turns for the first primary.