Plot Journals and Updating Curves

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You can repeat previous plotting operations in one of two ways.

The 'Update Curves' feature rebuilds the current graph sheet using the latest available data. This allows you to randomly probe a schematic and then update the curves with new results for a new simulation run.

The 'Plot Journal' feature allows you to save the plots in the current graph sheet for later reconstruction. This doesn't save the data, it saves the vector names and expressions used to create the graph's curves. In fact this is done by building a SIMetrix script to plot the curves.

Update Curves

Make sure that no curves are selected then select graph menu Plot > Update Curves. The curves currently on the graph sheet will be redrawn using the current simulation data. Although this would usually be the latest simulation run, you can also use this feature to restore the curves back to those from an earlier run. Use the Simulator > Manage Data Groups... menu to select earlier data. (For more information see Plotting the Results from a Previous Simulation).


By default all curves are redrawn, that is the older ones are deleted. You can change this behaviour so that older curves are kept. Select menu Plot > Update Curves Settings... then uncheck the Delete old curves box.

If there are curves that you would like to remain fixed and so won't be updated, simply select them first. This behaviour can be overridden using the menu Plot > Update Curves Settings... Simply uncheck the Ignore selected curves box.

Plot Journals

First create a plot journal using the menu Plot > Create Plot Journal... then choose a file name. The file created has a .sxscr extension - its the same extension used by scripts because the file created is a script.

To run the plot journal, you will of course first need to run a simulation or load previous data so that the journal has some data to work with. The plot journal itself does not store any data. With the simulation data you wish to work with in place, select graph menu Plot > Run Plot Journal.... This simply runs a script located in the current directory. Note that the plot journal always creates a new graph sheet.