cv Function

Returns the data for a curve.

For a single curve (i.e. not a group of curves as created from a Monte Carlo plot) only the first argument is required and this specifies the curve's id.

If the curve id refers to a group of curves created by a multi-step run, then the second argument may be used to identify a single curve within the group. The data for the complete curve set is arranged as a Multi Division Vector . The second argument specifies the division index. If absent the entire vector is returned

Note that the arguments to this function for version 4 and later have changed from earlier versions.

This function is identical to GetCurveVector and is convenient in situations where a short expression is desirable.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 real Yes curve id
2 real No Return all divisions Division index
3 string No Obsolete - no longer used


Return type: real array