Mapping Names to Node Numbers

The SIMPLIS input deck format requires all nodes to be defined as numbers. The names used for the SIMetrix vectors for the voltage on a node always use the name of that node. So the SIMetrix vector names will be numbers as well. This can be inconvenient, so a method is available to instruct SIMPLIS to use a user defined name for any node voltage vector. This is done using the .NODE_MAP statement. The format of the .NODE_MAP statement is:

.NODE_MAP  mapped_name  node_number
mapped_name User defined name. Must have at lease one alphabetic character and may comprise any alphanumeric character in addition to the underscore ('_').
node_number Node number to be mapped.
For example

If the above line is included in the SIMPLIS input deck, the vector for the voltage at node 27 will be named "VOUT".

The .NODE_MAP statement may also be used inside subcircuits. If such a .NODE_MAP statement is used to map an external node, then .NODE_MAP statements must be issued for all external nodes. Mapping external nodes also controls the naming of current vectors into the subcircuit's terminals. See Control Statements for Printing Variables for further details.