NewLabel Command

Adds a new unplaced text label to a schematic. This is an interactive command, with the label being initially attached to the cursor, unless the loc flag is set.

If a style is given, that style is applied. If bold, italics, size, or font are given, a new style is created using those. If style is given as well as a font, size, bold or italics option, the given options will override the existing style and a new style will be created for this element.

NewLabel <label-text> [/italics] [/bold] [/font <font-family>] [/size <point-size>] [/style <style-name>] [/repeating] [/loc <x> <y>]



Uses bold.


Sets the font family, argument is the name of the font family to use.


Uses italics.


If set, places the label at the given position.


Causes repeated placement of the label until a cancel request is made (right click or escape press).


Sets the font size, argument is point size of the font to use.


Sets the name of the style to apply to the label.


The text of the label. Use backslash n to set line breaks within the text.