RunSIMPLIS Command

Runs the SIMPLIS simulator. Note that you must have a SIMetrix/SIMPLIS license for this command to work.

The RunSIMPLIS command will not pre-process the netlist. This must be done separately using the PreProcessNetlist command.

RunSIMPLIS [/fresh] [/append] [/label division-label] [/sweep start|continue|finish] [/checkAbort] filename



Append data to current group. Otherwise creates a new data group.


Instructs SIMPLIS to check abort requests.


Instructs SIMPLIS to run simulation afresh and not to use any state information saved from previous runs.


Used with /sweep to name the division of a linked run


Disables fixed probe history feature. Equivalent to adding separateCurves=true to the .GRAPH statement


Used for multi-step runs. See Run command above for details.


RunSIMPLIS is the primitive SIMetrix command that launches SIMPLIS. However, when running a simulation on a schematic, a number of other activities are performed. These include pre-processing the netlist generated by the schematic editor and also resolving a trigger device for POP analysis. If you wish to simulate a schematic in exactly the same manner as the Run menu, you need to execute the script simplis_run. This simulates the currently open schematic. The full source for simplis_run can be found on the install CD.