OpenGroup Command

Reads in a data file and creates a new Group. If /text is not specified then the name of the group will be that with which it was stored provided the name does not conflict with an existing group. If there is a conflict the name will be modified to be unique unless /overwrite is specified in which case the original group will be destroyed. If /text is specified then the group will be named textn where n is chosen to make the name unique.

OpenGroup [/text] [/spice2] [/spice3] [/purge] [/overwrite] [/forcereadopen] [/deleteonclose] [/ign] [<filename>]




If specified, the file will be marked as volatile and will be deleted once it is no longer needed.


If specified, read lock is ignored. The read lock prevents a data file from being opened for read and would typically be set when the file is being written out during a simulation. This switch overrides the lock.



Forces existing group of the same name to be overwritten. If not specified, the group being read in will be renamed if a group of the same name already exists.


If specified, the loaded data group will be treated like a normal simulation group and will be automatically deleted after a specified number of runs. Otherwise it will not be deleted unless the user does so explicitly - e.g. by using the menu Simulator > Manage Data Groups... menu (which uses DelGroup).



If specified, filename will be read in as a SPICE2 raw file as generated by SPICE2g.6. This is an unsupported feature.


If specified, filename , will be read in as a SPICE3 raw file. OpenGroup will readin the whole file into RAM. This may be inappropriate if the file is large. The command OpenRawFile is usually a better choise for reading SPICE3 raw files as this rewrites the data to a native data file for access on demand.


If specified, data file is assumed to be in text format. Otherwise the file is input as a SIMetrix binary data file as saved by the SaveGroup command. See Data Files Text Format for full details on the text format.


Name of file to be input. If not specified, an open file dialog box will be opened allowing the user to choose from available files.

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