PreProcessNetlist Function

Preprocesses netlist and returns filename where preprocessed result is placed.

Function performs the same task as the PreProcessNetlist command. See PreProcessNetlist


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string Yes Input file name
2 string array Yes Options

Argument 1

Input file name to be preprocessed

Argument 2

inAppend Add extra lines separated by semi-colons
simulator SIMetrix or SIMPLIS. Default is SIMPLIS
mc Performing a Monte Carlo run
importGlobals Import global parameter values
params Provide list of parameters in name=value pairs
mcseed Monte Carlo seed value
rawdeck Create raw deck
mclogfile Create Monte Carlo log file
cpu Index specifying cpu for multi-core runs
Used only for decorating the output file name
decoratedeckname Decorate file name according to cpu, parameters and mc seed
If resulting name is too long, a unique hash value will be used


Return type: string

File name where preprocessed result is saved