ReadSchemProp Function

Returns value of schematic window property value.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string Yes Property name
2 string No Currently displayed Schematic path
3 number No Schematic handle

Argument 1

Property name. There are a number of built-in properties that are always available. Others can be created with the function WriteSchemProp . The built-in properties are:
'Path' Read-only. File system path name of schematic
'RootPath' Read/Write. Path of root in hierarchy. Value displayed in status bar of schematic
'Reference' Read/Write. Full component reference of block representing schematic.
'Readonly' Read-only. Readonly status of schematic. Return value may be 'TRUE' or 'FALSE'
'UserStatus' Read/Write. Contents of user status box at the bottom of the schematic. This is currently the 6th box from the left.
'UserVersion' Read-only. Current version number of schematic. This is updated each time the schematic is saved
'ID' Read-only. Returns ID of schematic (same value returned by OpenSchematic )
'Magnification' Read-only. Current view magnification
'Modified' Modified status 'TRUE' or 'FALSE'

Argument 2

Path of schematic to process. This must be a schematic that is currently displayed; the function can not operate on a closed schematic.If not specified, the currently selected schematic will be processed.

Argument 3

Schematic handle.


Return type: string

Returns the value of the property