DefButton Command

Defines the command executed when a button is pressed.

DefButton [/immediate] [/comgroup <command-group>] <button-name> <command> [<upCommand>] [/menu <menu-item-title>] [/features <features-required-for-menu-item>]



This can be used with the function GetLastCommand . GetLastCommand returns the text of the most recent command executed which specifed the supplied command group value. The command DefMenu also uses this feature.


If specified, the command will be enabled for immediate execution. That is the command will be executed immediately even if another command - such as a simulation run - is currently in progress. This will only be accepted when the command specified is one of a small number of built-in command enabled for immediate execution. For the list of commands, see the command DefMenu . You may not call a script if immediate execution is specified.


Flags whether this entry is a submenu of the button.


Name of button. Either a pre-defined button as listed in the command DefineToolBar or a new button created with CreateToolButton .


Command to be executed when the button is pressed. If /immediate is not specified this may be any valid command including a script.


Command to be executed when a toggle button is released. The button must be defined to have a toggle action using the /toggle switch for the command CreateToolButton .

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