WAV_WriteFile Function

Write data to a file in WAV format


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string Yes Path to file
2 Real array Yes Configuration
3 Real Yes Data for channel 0 (left)
4 Real No None - data saved in single channel format Data for channel 1 (right)

Argument 1

Path to file

Argument 2

Array of up to size 3 providing the configuration of the data as described in the table below

0 Bits per sample. Must be 8, 16, 24 or 32
1 Peak value. Defaults to 1.0. Input data with this value will be encoded to the maximum integer value.
2 Sample rate. Defaults to 44100

Argument 3

Data for channel 0 (left)

Argument 4

Data for channel 1 (right)


Return type: real

Status code:
0 Completed, no errors
1 Overload, data exceeded peak value
2 Format not supported
3 File write failed
4 File open failed
5 Exception