OptimiserStatus Function

Returns current status of an optimiser as a string


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 Real Yes Optimiser definition ID

Argument 1

ID reference to optimiser definition as returned by functions:


Two element array. First element:
success Optimiser has completed successfully
notstarted Optimiser has not been started
running Optimiser is running
failed Optimiser failed
unknown Unknown status
Second element returns one of the following codes which provides more detail:
not_started Optimiser not started
running Optimiser running
success Optimiser completed successfully. This is not usually returned, instead one of the reasons for the optimiser completing will be returned instead
stopvalreached Optimiser objective function reached its stop value
ftolreached Optimiser objective function converged
xtolreached [Future use] Optimiser parameter values converged
maxitersreached Optimiser iteration count reached upper limit
maxtimereached [Future use] Optimiser execution time reached upper limit
failed Optimiser failed
invalidargs [Internal error] Arguments to optimiser invalid
outofmemory Optimiser out of memory
roundofflimited Optimiser reached accuracy limit
forcedstop Optimiser forced stop
convergencefail Simulator convergence failed
simulationfailed Other simulator failure
measurementfailed Measurement evaluation failed
userrequest User requested optimiser analysis abort
unknown Unknown error
invalid ID invalid

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