Hint Command

Displays a message box intended to be used to provide hints to the user. The box contains a check box allowing the user to choose not to receive such hints again.

Hint [/help help-context] [/id id] [/icon info|warn|error|question] message



If specified, the box will show a help button which will display the help topic specified by help-context . This is used in some internal scripts but has limited user application.


Controls the icon displayed in the hint box. This may be one of:
info An icon showing the letter 'i' indicating that this message is for information only. This is the default.
warn An icon showing an exclamation mark in a yellow triangle indicating that the message is a warning
error An icon showing a cross in a red background indicating an error condition. This is usually inappropriate for a hint, but is included for completeness.
question An icon showing a question mark indicating a question. Currently the hint box is not interactive so the usefulness of this is limited.


Identifier used to identify hint for the purposes of saving the redisplay status controlled by the "Don't show this message again" check box . If not supplied, a default will be used derived from the message text. This is satisfactory in most cases and there is rarely ever a need to use this switch.


Message to be displayed.