Schematic Printing

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Printing a Single Schematic Sheet

  1. Select menu File > Print...
  2. If there is a graph window currently open (See Graphs, Probes and Data Analysis) you can choose to plot the schematic alongside the graph on the same sheet. Select your choice in the Layout section.
  3. In the Schematic box select an appropriate scale. Fit area will fit the schematic to a particular area relative to the size of paper. If multiple sheets are chosen, a small overlap will be included. Fixed grid means that the schematic's grid will be mapped to a fixed physical size on the paper. The sizes are in inches (1 inch=25.4mm). So 0.3 means that 1 grid square on the displayed schematic will be 0.3 inches or 7.5mm on the printed sheet.

Printing a Hierarchical Schematic

  1. Select menu File > Print Hierarchy...
  2. You will be presented with a complete list of schematics used in the current hierarchy. Select the schematics you wish print and Ok.
  3. Select options as appropriate then Ok.