An understanding of the topics in the following table can help to increase your ability to benefit from the core features of SIMPLIS.

Topic Link Description
Piecewise Linear Modeling Details the SIMPLIS approach to modeling.
PWL Models for Semiconductor Devices Explains how semiconductor devices (MOSFET, IGBT, Diodes, etc.) are modeled in SIMPLIS.
SIMPLIS Analysis Modes Advanced SIMPLIS Training module on Analysis Modes.
Monte-Carlo Advanced SIMPLIS Training topic on Monte-Carlo analysis.
Multi-Step Advanced SIMPLIS Training topic on Multi-step analysis.
Multi-Core Monte-Carlo and Multi-Step Simulations Multi-core solutions to speed up Monte-Carlo and multi-step analyses.
SystemDesigner The sampled-time simulator built into SIMPLIS which is used to simulate digitally controlled converters.
Multi-Tone AC Analysis An alternative to SIMPLIS AC analysis, used for circuits which have no Periodic Operating Point (POP) solution.
Design Verification Module Automates simulations and verifies designs and produces a detailed test report.