Graph Zooming and Scrolling

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Zooming with the Mouse

To zoom in on a portion of a graph, place the cursor at the top left of the area you wish to view, press and hold the left mouse key then move cursor to bottom right of area and release left key. The axes limits will be modified appropriately.

If the graph has multiple stacked grids, you should be sure that the first left click is within the area of the grid you wish to zoom. You will notice a thin grey line separating each grid. You should start the mouse drag within the grey lines for the chosen axis.

You can zoom just the x axis by dragging a horizontal line across an area outside any grid - e.g. right at the bottom of the window below the lower x axis line.

To view whole graph again select the graph pop-up Zoom > Full or toolbar button.

Zooming with the Keyboard

  • F12 to zoom out
  • shift-F12 to zoom in
  • HOME returns graph to full view. (Same as graph popup Zoom > Full)

Recovering an Earlier Zoom

Press the Undo Zoom toolbar button to recover earlier zoom or scroll positions.

Scrolling with the Keyboard

up, down, left and right cursor keys will scroll the active graph.

Zooming with Multiple Grids

If the zoom box covers multiple grids, only the x-axes of those grids will be altered.

Adding new Curves to a Zoomed Grid

If you add a new curve to a graph which has been zoomed, the axes limits will not change to accommodate that curve; if the new curve does not lie within the zoomed area you will not see it. Selecting graph popup Zoom > Full or pressing the HOME key restores the graph to auto-scaling and the limits will always adjust so that all curves are visible even ones subsequently added.

Zoom to Fit Y-axis

To zoom in the y-axis only to fit the displayed x-axis, press the Fit Height toolbar button: