System Requirements

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Operating System

  • Windows 11 Home, Pro (including variants) and Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Home, Pro and Enterprise - 64 bit editions


SIMetrix will run satisfactorily on any system that meets all the following requirements:

  1. The system is running one of supported operating systems listed above
  2. The system meets the minimum hardware requirement for the operating system
  3. The system's display has a minimum vertical resolution of 720 pixels and a minimum horizontal resolution of 1024 pixels

Recommended System

If you regularly run large circuit simulations or long runs on smaller circuits, we recommend investing in the most powerful CPU available. A large RAM system can be useful as this will allow caching of simulation data. This will speed up plotting results if a large amount of data is generated. The data is stored to disk in an efficient manner and therefore substantial RAM is not essential unless the circuits being simulated are very large indeed. A high performance bus mastering SCSI disk system will improve simulation performance a little.

Multi-core Processors

SIMetrix can exploit multiple core CPUs in a number of ways and will benefit from multiple core processors. Note, however, that you will require a SIMetrix Pro or SIMetrix Elite license to be able to use the multiple core features. Note also that SIMetrix cannot effectively use Hyper-threading.

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