Pre-defined Buttons

This is a list of predefined buttons that can be used with DefineToolBar for creating custom toolbars.

Button Name Graphic Function
AddCurve newcurve.bmp Add Curve
AddFourier newfourier.bmp Fourier...
CalcAveragePower avg.bmp Display Average Power/Cycle
CalcFall falltime.bmp Display Fall Time
CalcHighPass3db 3dbhighpass.bmp Display -3dB Point (High Pass)
CalcLowPass3db 3dblowpass.bmp Display -3dB Point (Low Pass)
CalcRise risetime.bmp Display Rise Time
CalcRMS rms.bmp Display RMS/Cycle
Capacitor cap.bmp Place Capacitor
Copy copy.bmp Duplicate
Delete erase.bmp Cut
DeleteAxis delgrid.bmp Delete Axis/Grid
DeleteCurve delete.bmp Delete Curve
Diode diode.bmp Place Diode
Flip flip.bmp Flip
GraphClose fileclose.bmp Close Graph
GraphOpen fileopen.bmp Open Graph
GraphSave filesave.bmp Save Graph
Ground gnd.bmp Place Ground
HideCurves hide.bmp Hide Selected Curves
IGBT igbt.bmp Place IGBT
Inductor ind.bmp Place Inductor
IProbe iprobe.bmp Place Current Probe
ISource isource.bmp Place Current Source
Mirror mirror.bmp Mirror
MoveCurve movecurve.bmp Move Curve to Selected Axis/Grid
NewAxis newaxis.bmp New Axis
NewGrid newgrid.bmp New Grid
NJFET njfet.bmp Place N-channel JFET
NMOS nmos.bmp Place N-channel MOSFET
NMOS3IC nmos_ic3.bmp Place 3 term Nchannel MOSFET
NMOS4 nmos_ic.bmp Place 4 term Nchannel MOSFET
NPN npn.bmp Place NPN Transistor
Opamp opamp.bmp Place Opamp
Options options.bmp Options
PJFET pjfet.bmp Place P-channel JFET
PMOS pmos.bmp Place P-channel MOSFET
PMOS3IC pmos_ic3.bmp Place 3 term Pchannel MOSFET
PMOS4 pmos_ic.bmp Place 4 term Pchannel MOSFET
PNP pnp.bmp Place PNP Transistor
Print print.bmp Print
PSU psu.bmp Place PSU
Resistor res.bmp Place Resistor (Box shape)
ResistorZ resz.bmp Place Resistor (Z shape)
Rotate rotate.bmp Rotate
SatInd sat_ind.bmp Place Saturable Inductor
SatTx tx_sat.bmp Place Saturable Transformer
SchemClose fileclose.bmp Close Schematic
SchemNew newschem.bmp New Schematic
SchemOpen fileopen.bmp Open Schematic
SchemSave filesave.bmp Save Schematic
SchemSaveAll saveall.bmp Save All Schematics
SCR scr.bmp Place Thyristor
ShowCurves show.bmp Show Selected Curves
SimPause pause.bmp Pause Simulation
SimRunNetlist run.bmp Run Netlist
SimRunSchem run.bmp Run Schematic
SymbolNew newsymbol.bmp New Symbol
TitleCurve curvetitle.bmp Change Curve Name
TL tl.bmp Place Transmission Line
Tx tx.bmp Place Transformer
Undo undo.bmp Undo
UndoZoom undo.bmp Undo Zoom
VProbe vprobe.bmp Place Voltage Probe
VSource vsource.bmp Place Voltage Source
Waveform vsig.bmp Place Waveform Generator
Wire pencil.bmp Wire Mode
Zener zener.bmp Place Zener Diode
ZoomFull zoomfull.bmp Fit Window
ZoomIn zoomin.bmp Zoom In
ZoomOut zoomout.bmp Zoom Out
ZoomRect zoomrect.bmp Zoom Box
ZoomXAuto zoomwidth.bmp Fit Width
ZoomYAuto zoomheight.bmp Fit Height