Running SIMPLIS on a SIMetrix Schematic

You must first enter the schematic in 'SIMPLIS mode'. To select SIMPLIS mode, from the schematic window select menu File|Select Simulator then select SIMPLIS. If you have already added some components in SIMetrix mode, you may get an incompatibility warning. This means that some of the components placed will not work with SIMPLIS. These will need to be either replaced with suitable alternatives or re-entered.

When the schematic has been entered, select your chosen analysis mode using Simulator|Choose Analysis... .

You can now run the simulation by pressing F9 or menu Simulator|Run.

Adding Extra Netlist Lines

The analysis mode selected using the schematic editor's Simulator|Choose Analysis... menu is stored in text form in the schematic's simulator command window. If you wish, it is possible to edit this directly. Note that the text entered in the simulator command window and the Simulator|Choose Analysis... dialog settings remain synchronized so you can freely switch between the two methods.

To open the simulator command window, select the schematic then press the F11 key. It has a toggle action, pressing it again will hide it. If you have already selected an analysis mode using the Choose Analysis dialog box, you will see the simulator controls already present.

The window has a popup menu selected with the right key. The top item "Edit file at cursor" will open a text editor with the file name pointed to by the cursor or selected text item if there is one.

The simulator command window can be resized using the splitter bar between it and the schematic drawing area.

You can add anything you like to this window not just simulator commands. The contents are simply appended to the netlist before being presented to the simulator. So, you can place device models, mutual inductor specifications, .OPTION controls or simply comments. The Choose Analysis dialog will parse and possibly modify analysis controls and some .OPTIONS settings but will leave everything else intact.

Some schematics may be simulated with both SIMPLIS and the SPICE based SIMetrix simulator. The commands (referred to as 'controls' in SIMetrix documentation) for these simulators are, however, incompatible. For this reason, SIMetrix and SIMPLIS commands are separated using the .SIMULATOR control. The syntax for this is:

SIMPLIS All lines following and until the next .SIMULATOR control will only be passed to the netlist in SIMPLIS mode.
SIMetrix All lines following and until the next .SIMULATOR control will only be passed to the netlist in SIMetrix mode.
DEFAULT All lines following and until the next .SIMULATOR control will be passed to the netlist in both modes.