Time-domain Data Output

During a time-domain simulation, SIMPLIS reads the Switching Instance data file and reconstructs detailed waveforms from the data stored in the Switching Instance data file. Detailed waveforms are reconstructed for various print variables for the time interval from the value specified for PSP_START to the value specified for PSP_END. You are referred to Option Statements on the usage of option statements to specify values for these two parameters. The waveform data are sent to the SIMetrix front end which is responsible for storing and if required plotting the data. This Time-Domain data is only produced for a time-domain analysis and only if PSP_NPT is specified as an option in the input file.

SIMPLIS also generates a file with the extension .T2 which contains details of the data stored but not the actual data itself. See example below.

$$$ 1 1006 6simplis DATA FOR PLOTTING, Mon Nov 25 14:00:17
INPUT FILE: demo01
Transient Analysis
1 V(4,0)
2 I(LL)
3 V(CC)