GetGroupFromAnalysisId Function

Get group name given its analysis ID. The analysis ID can be added to some simulation commands using the ANALYSIS_ID parameter name. E.g.

.tran 1u 1m ANALYSIS_ID=tran_23

This function can be used to retrieve the name of the data group where the results were written. The ANALYSIS_ID may be used with both SIMPLIS and SIMetrix analysis lines. ANALYSIS_ID can be used with SIMetrix .TRAN, .DC, .AC, .NOISE and .TF analysis lines and.POP, .AC and .TRAN SIMPLIS analysis lines.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 String Yes Analysis ID value
2 Real No Main group Main or DCOP group. (SIMetrix only)

Argument 1

Analysis ID value

Argument 2

Boolean: 0: return name of main group, 1: return name of associated DC operating point group


Return type: String

Name of data group that carries data for analysis