Product Versions: SIMetrix/SIMPLIS

SIMetrix/SIMPLIS is an advanced simulation tool optimized for efficient design of power electronics circuits. SIMetrix/SIMPLIS combines accuracy and convergence in a unique and powerful design environment, enabling 10-50x faster simulation for power supply designs.

SIMetrix/SIMPLIS - Builds on SIMetrix Classic. Adds the SIMPLIS simulation engine, enables SPICE model conversion (for MOSFETs, Diodes, BJTs, IGBTs, JFETs, and Schottky and Zener diodes) and the Periodic Operating Point analysis.

SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Pro - Builds on SIMetrix/SIMPLIS. Adds the SystemDesigner digital modeling blocks and enables multi-core support for up to four cores as well as all the features of SIMetrix Pro.

SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Elite - Builds on SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Pro. enables multi-core support for up to sixteen cores and includes all the features of SIMetrix Elite.

Product Versions: SIMetrix Only

SIMetrix is a mixed-mode circuit simulation package designed for professional electronics engineers. SIMetrix comprises a substantially enhanced SPICE simulator, schematic editor and waveform viewer in a unified environment. With industry-proven performance and technical support to match, SIMetrix offers an affordable alternative to unsupported freeware and high-priced EDA solutions.

SIMetrix Classic - the core upon which all the other product versions are based. Combines a fast and accurate SPICE simulator with a complete devlopment environment including schematic capture, a waveform viewer, a model library and scripting support.

SIMetrix Pro - Builds on SIMetrix Classic. Adds Verilog-A and Verilog-HDL support to SIMetrix SPICE, includes basic IC design features (BSIM3, binning, etc.) and enables multi-core support for up to four cores.

SIMetrix Elite - Extends SIMetrix Pro. Adds advanced IC design features (BSIM4, PSP, Hicum), real-time noise analysis and enables multi-core support for up to sixteen cores.

Product Addons

DVM: The Design Verification Module - Allows a user to run a design schematic through a large batch of simulations, record the measured results and automatically generate a test report detailing the circuit's performance. DVM can be added to any of the above products.

SIMPLIS VH: Verilog-HDL Co-simulation with SIMPLIS - Enables Verilog-HDL Co-simulation with SIMPLIS. SIMPLIS VH can be added to SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Pro or SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Elite.

MDM: The Magnetics Design Module - Allows a user to create realistic inductor and transformer models from a large, editable, and extendable catalog of standard and customizable components (cores, materials, wires, and bobbins).  MDM can be added to any SIMetrix/SIMPLIS version.

More Information

For details on the differences between product versions, please see the Feature Matrix.