First Steps

Our first response to nearly every tech support query is to determine whether or not our customer is running the latest version of the software.  We make fairly frequent updates to SIMetrix/SIMPLIS and, as a first step, it is always worth getting the latest update to see if the problem has been addressed by a recent patch.

Phone & Email Tech Support

If updating to the latest version does not address the problem you have encountered, and your license is in current maintenance, you are eligible for tech support by telephone at +1 503 766 3928 x 202 or email at

Tech Support Requests

Whenever possible, please include the following information in your support request / bug report:

  • the operating system version (i.e. Windows 10 SP1 x64)
  • the product name, architecture and version number of the software (i.e. SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Pro 64bit v9.00c)
  • a screenshot of any error or warning messages that result, either in the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Command Shell or in a popup dialog
  • if the error is reproducible, please list the steps taken to cause the bug to occur

Finally, if it is allowable, please send the schematic that you were working on along with the bug report.  This aids in finding a speedy resolution to the problem.  We are typically happy to sign any necessary bi-directional NDAs to assure that your intellectual property is protected.