Power circuit simulation

SIMetrix/SIMPLIS enables engineers to design and simulate switching power electronics systems. It combines accuracy and speed in a full-featured design environment, enabling 10-50x faster simulation than SPICE for power supply designs.

Key features

  • All features of SIMetrix Classic and uses the same GUI environment including its hierarchical schematic editor and waveform viewer
  • Transient analysis 10-50x faster than SPICE
  • Periodic operating point (POP) analysis. Rapidly locates the steady state operating point of a switching system without having to simulate the startup transient conditions
  • Small signal AC analysis. Unlike SPICE, operates on the full switching model and provides the same result as if making the measurement with transient analysis using a swept frequency generator. In other words, runs a frequency sweep just how you would do this on the bench. No need for error-prone averaged models
  • The Advanced Digital Simulation Library provides a wide variety of digital functions such as counters, ADCs, DACs and much more.
  • SPICE transistor and diode model conversion to SIMPLIS format. Converts SPICE models by running a SPICE simulation to perform parameter extraction.


  • DVM can be added to this product.
  • MDM can be added to this product.
  • VH can be added to this product.