SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Elements

SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Elements is a free-to-download version of our software that offers full schematic capture and waveform viewing/analysis capability along with a host of documentation and training materials designed to help users get up-to-speed quickly with SIMetrix/SIMPLIS' simulation capabilities.

The latest version of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Elements is v9.10g, released on September 25th, 2023.

SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Elements Installer (~115MB)

Elements is a free version of the program with no license or copying restrictions. Virtually all features are enabled but a circuit size limit applies. The limits for the Elements versions are generous enough for them to be used for real work and we are happy for users to do so.

System Requirements

SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Elements requires Windows 10 64 bit edition (Home, Pro or Enterprise).

SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Elements Limitations


All features of the full production version are enabled except:

  1. The command line is not present. This effectively inhibits any features that require the command line. There are, however, very few of these
  2. User scripts
  3. The Verilog-A compiler is not available. (Pro and Elite full licenses only)
  4. Verilog-HDL mixed-signal simulation is not available. (Pro and Elite full licenses only)
  5. Custom menu and key definitions
  6. The PSpice translator is limited to small schematics
  7. SPICE3 raw file import
  8. Safe Operating Area testing is not available
  9. The menu/key editor is not available
  10. Encrypted models are not supported

Some of the above features can be enabled for 30 days using the unlock feature. See menu Help | Unlock Features... 

SIMPLIS Circuit Size Limits

The exact limits for the SIMPLIS simulator are:

  1. A total of no more than 15 state variables.  A capacitor or an inductor each requires one state variable.  Each time-varying or small-signal AC source requires one state variable, with the exception of SINusoidal or COSinusoidal sources, which require two state variables per source.
  2. A total of no more than 10 capacitors or inductors combined.
  3. A total of no more than six switches, simple or transistor.
  4. A total of no more than six logic gates.
  5. A total of no more than 26 "states."  Each PWL element requires one state.  Each switch requires one state.  Each time-varying source requires one state.  Each logic gate requires one state.
  6. A total of no more than 100 new topologies. 100 topologies will be enough for simple switching circuits that use simple models only. More complex circuits or circuits that have more complicated models may exceed this limit

SIMetrix Circuit Size Limits

There is a limit to the size of the circuit that can be simulated. The exact limits for the SIMetrix simulator are:

140 analog nodes (internal and external - see note below) 
360 digital nodes
720 digital ports
300 digital components
360 digital outputs

The node count includes all circuit nodes and some of these may be internal to device models. Opamp models, for example, will always have a number of internal nodes depending its complexity.

There are no limits on the complexity of the SIMetrix arbitrary source expressions or arbitrary logic block definitions.

There are no Limits on...

...the size of the schematic that can be drawn or printed. You are welcome to use SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Elements as a free general purpose schematic drawing tool.