New Features in SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Version 8.40


Previously Held on June 25th, 2020

SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Version 8.40 was released on May 19th, 2020, and offers several important upgrades and additional features.  Several new features were added and this webinar will cover some new SIMPLIS features:


  • Capacitor or Inductor Conversion Tool
  • Power Supply Sources and Loads
  • Useful Schematic Editor Features
  • Controlled Sources with Ideal Limiting
  • Multi-Level Lossy Transformer
  • Magnetics Design Module (brief overview)
  • C-Code DLL-Defined Digital Devices (brief overview)

Link to Webinar Recording

The webinar recording can be viewed at this link: New Features in SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Version 8.40 (52:38)

Reference Materials

Schematics and presentation slides for the webinar can be downloaded here: