Introduction to Modeling in SIMPLIS


Previously Held on October 19th, 2017

This one hour webinar is the first in a series of webinars on creating high level models for the SIMPLIS simulator. The webinar will begin with an overview of the modeling goals which should be common to all modelling efforts. A hierarchical example is then examined and tested against those goals and detailed modeling techniques will be discussed. Finally, we will present the model development timeline, from initial concept schematics, to the final hierarchical design. This webinar will lay the foundation for the November and December modeling webinars. In those future webinars, modeling techniques and best practices required for commonly used circuits will be discussed.


Modeling Goals

  • Speed - Models Should Simulate as Fast as Possible while Maintaining Accuracy
  • Successful POP Analysis
  • Parameterized
  • Reusable IP
  • Organized
  • Portable - Can archive as a zip file or send to a colleague

Hierarchical Model Example

  • POP Analysis - How fast it converges to a POP Solution
  • Where Model Fails Chattering Threshold
  • Minimum Time Constant

Detailed Modeling Techniques

  • How to organize (sxcmp files, supporting files, etc)
  • How to parameterize (excel spreadsheet for all parameter editing dialogs)
  • How to build reusable IP
  • Model development from flat to hierarchical form
  • When to use classic digital and advanced digital logic?
  • How to partition hierarchy

Link to Webinar Recording

The webinar recording can be viewed at this link: Introduction to Modeling in SIMPLIS (57:31)

Reference Materials

Schematics and presentation slides for the webinar can be downloaded here: