Modeling Magnetics in SIMPLIS -- Part I Inductors


Previously Held on June 23rd, 2016

As pressures increase to increase efficiency and decrease size and design cycle time, it is becoming more important to model the non-ideal behavior of magnetic power devices. As switching frequencies increase, the need to model PC Board and device package parasitics is also growing. This webinar is Part I of a series looking at how to effectively model magnetic devices in SIMPLIS. Using Piecewise Linear modeling, SIMPLIS offers a powerful and simple way to model non-linear magnetic devices such as power inductors and transformers. In this one hour webinar we focus on how to model inductors in SIMPLIS.

Link to Webinar Recording

The webinar recording can be viewed at this link: Modeling Magnetics in SIMPLIS -- Part I Inductors (38:24)


  1. How to characterize magnetic devices
    • Magnetic material characterization
    • Magnetic path characterization
    • Magnetic device characterization
  2. Linear inductors
    • Why we (almost) always use the Lossy Inductor
    • Modeling parasitic inductances
  3. Nonlinear inductors
    • Piecewise Linear inductor modeling
    • Example: Datasheet to PWL inductor model

Reference Materials

Questions and Answers

Q1: At approximately 23:40 in the recording, the presenter uses the Tools > Digitise Data Sheet Curve... menu item. I don't see this item on my SIMetrix/SIMPLIS "Tools" menu.

A1: This feature is only available when using the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Pro and Elite licenses. At 32:05 in the recording, the presenter covers this point.