Introduction to Parameterization


Previously Held on May 19th, 2016

Parameterization is one of the most powerful concepts in SIMPLIS. Using parameterization, you can create reusable technology blocks where each block is configured by parameters. In this one hour webinar you will learn how to use parameters on both the top level schematic and how to pass parameters into subcircuits using the SIMPLIS_TEMPLATE property.

Link to the Webinar Recording

The webinar recording can be viewed at this link: Introduction to Parameterization (44:21).


  1. Adding Parameterization to Your Design
  2. Variable Statements (.VAR), Where to Enter Them
  3. Stepping Variables
  4. Case Variables
  5. Scope of Variables
  6. Global Variables are a "Refuge for the Weak"
  7. How Parameters are Passed into Subcircuits Using the SIMPLIS_TEMPLATE
  8. Common Problems and Solutions

Reference Materials

The following links go to the revised Advanced SIMPLIS Training course material. This material has been updated for version 8.00, and a number of schematics referenced in these topics will not run on versions released prior to version 8.00.

Example Circuits

The example circuit files can be downloaded here: