Online Training Course Details

This page provides additional information on how SIMPLIS plans to execute the training.

Presentation Environment

To conduct this training, SIMPLIS will be using GoToTraining to show the teacher's workspace (SIMetrix/SIMPLIS and documentation).  For simulations, SIMPLIS will provide Remote Desktop login information for a cloud computer running Windows 10 and SIMetrix/SIMPLIS 8.5 Pro w/ DVM.  This will allow the student to simulate along with the presenter regardless of your personal SIMetrix/SIMPLIS licensing.  The graphic below illustrates this:

Online Training Setup


  • Chrome or Edge web browser
  • Windows 10
  • GoToTraining System Requirements
  • 2 Monitors (Laptop monitor + external monitor is essential for maximum benefit from hands-on exercises)


  • Optional webcam for breakout sessions (not used during main course)