has been Updated

SIMPLIS Technologies is pleased to announce that we have updated our website, the first site refresh in several years.  In particular, we've spent a good deal of time improving our documentation resources as well as upgrading the backend system and the theme and layout.

User accounts have been migrated from the old system, though as a security measure, all passwords have been reset.  To recover the password for your existing account, please use the password recovery procedure.  After updating your password, you will have the opportunity to update your user profile, including your contact preferences.  If you would like, you can opt-in to receive announcement emails for:

  • Product Updates - to be informed of new product versions, features and releases.
  • Training / Webinars / Events - to be informed of upcoming Training Courses, Webinars and other Events.
  • Occasional Marketing and Technical Messages - for those messages that, while infrequent, do not cleanly fall into one of the above categories.

We hope you find the new site useful.  Should you run across any issues while using the site, please let us know at