Simplis Technologies Announces the Release of SIMPLIS 5.6 with Advanced Digital Simulation

Simplis Technologies, Inc. announces today the release of a new version of its market-leading simulation engine.  While SIMPLIS has long been the leader in simulation for analog power electronics, the new SIMPLIS 5.6 incorporates Advanced Digital simulation bringing those same capabilities to a new generation of power supply designs.

SIMPLIS 5.6 allows designers of digitally controlled power supplies to effectively explore the interaction between increasingly complex digital control schemes and the resulting performance of the complete power supply system.  Updating to SIMPLIS 5.6 offers significant improvements to the simulation speed of any power supply system with substantial digital content.

Tom Wilson, President of Simplis Technologies commented, "We are excited to bring all the benefits of virtual prototyping with SIMPLIS to a whole new class of digital power supplies.  Whether the power supply utilizes significant digital content for supervisory and protection circuits or incorporates full digital control, SIMPLIS 5.6 can help users model, evaluate and optimize a design before committing it to hardware."

Dr. Ronald Wong, original developer of the SIMPLIS simulation engine and Principal Engineer for Simplis Technologies added, "Our new Advanced Digital Library contains a wide variety of new digital functions to  considerably simplify our customer’s simulation efforts.  We have also been able to increase simulation speed by 10 to 20 times for basic digital gate simulation compared to earlier versions of SIMPLIS."

There is no charge to update to the new release for existing SIMPLIS customers with current maintenance.

About SIMPLIS Technologies

Simplis Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is the technology leader in simulation software for the power electronics industry. SIMPLIS is the leading simulation engine for switched mode power supply design and has been rapidly adopted by leading OEM, power supply, and IC Controller manufacturers in recent years. It has become the standard for power supply system simulation and new product definition analysis.

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